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Studio Etiquette

  • Please arrive about 10 minutes prior to your class time to check in and get settled.

  • Deep breathing is a part of this practice. Please be thoughtful of your fellow practitioners and arrive in clean clothing and take care to manage offensive body odor. 

  • Although it is common for yoga studios to request silence prior to class, we encourage you to connect with your fellow practitioners and teacher. We love community! Of course, if you find you need a little quiet, please use the time prior to class to stretch, center or simply relax quietly.

  • Upon arrival, remove your shoes and socks, and store your belongings at the front bench storage area.

  • To respect our students' time, class begins on time. There will be no late admittance, as the teacher will be fully focusing on teaching the class in session. 

  • Please inform your teacher of any injuries that might complicate your practice.

  • Discreetly let the teacher know if you are pregnant. (We are happy to keep your secret if you are not sharing the news yet.)

  • Silence your phone and leave it with your shoes and belongings. Let Hippie Soul be your Zen Zone where you can release distractions. If you are on call, inform the teacher place your phone discreetly (such as under your mat) so as to not distract yourself or your fellow practitioners.

  • Plan to stay for the whole class. Leaving early can be distracting to fellow practitioners (and cheats yourself of the full experience).

  • Please limit your use of strong scents such as perfumes and scented lotions when coming to class.

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