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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about the studio and our offerings? Just read through our Frequently Asked Questions and you might find your answer here. If not, please just reach out to us with your questions!


I want to check out your studio. Do you offer a first class free?

We love for potential students to check out our studio, which is why have our Intro Offer. You can try 2 weeks of unlimited access to our weekly classes (limited to one studio location) for just $30. A trial period will give potential clients an opportunity to check out the studio and see if it feels like home. Philosophically, we do not offer free classes because we do believe that our offerings and teachers are of great value and is worth some investment.

Can a Class Pass be shared?

Class Passes, such as our 10 Class Passes, are meant to be used for a single individual only. Please do not register multiple times for one class to bring more people than yourself on one Class Pass.

Do you have classes for beginners?

Yes, absolutely! Our Yoga Foundations class is specifically designed for beginners or those returning to the practice. If you can't make a Yoga Foundations class, we recommend trying Gentle Yoga. Yin and Restorative Yoga are also beginner-friendly.


Do you have a family membership?

Yes, in a way! We have an add-on discounted membership for a spouse, partner or family member. Just reach out if you're interested as this membership needs to be purchased in-person.


Do you offer discounted memberships?

Yes! We have a military/teacher/first responder discount of $69/month, a student membership of $50/month and a reduced membership for staff of Children's Hospital of Colorado. 


Why does class registration cut off one hour before class begins?

In an effort to respect our teachers' time and commute to the studio, we try to avoid having them arrive to empty classes. A one-hour registration cut off allows a teacher to see that there are indeed students registered for class before they make the drive out to the studio.


May I bring my child to class with me?

Children 14 and older can sign up for classes, with the understanding that they are able to be still and appropriately move through a yoga practice without creating a distraction.


I am a member and want to use my guest pass, but can't seem to get them registered. What do I do?

In the case that you are registered for the class yourself, please just bring your guest and the teacher can sign them in upon your arrival.


At the last minute, my friend decided they wanted to come to yoga with me, but they can't register online. May they come?

Yes, if you are registered for the class, you can trust that the class is on and your friend can just come and register upon arrival.


Why didn't anyone answer the phone when I called?

Please remember we are a small, locally-owned business. What that means is that we have just one person answering the phone and all messaging. Tracey is also an teacher on our team, so she may not always be available to pick up the phone. The best way to get a quick answer is to send an email to


How do I cancel my membership?

Email with 30 days’ notice of your cancellation date.


I haven't used my membership in a couple of months. Can I cancel and get a refund for the times I was not there?

Please be sure to read through your membership contract. The onus of use of your membership is yours (and we hope you do come), however we do not offer refunds if you choose not to come.


My credit card expired (was cancelled, frozen, etc.) and my membership stopped as a result. Then I re-added my card and my membership resumed. I didn't want my membership be re-upped, can I be refunded?

Please know that we do not cancel memberships without a member request. So, if your credit card expires and you update your card in our system, it will automatically continue your membership unless you reach out to cancel it. We cannot offer refunds in those cases. So please, check your credit card/bank statement.

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