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Spring Awakening: Equinox Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra




March 19, 2023


About the Course

The Spring Equinox is a time of reawakening. The season of spring commences an energetic shift towards rebirth, renewal, fresh starts and positive forward movement.

Join Tracey for Restorative Yoga poses to gently open yourself into the season and experiences of Spring, followed by a Yoga Nidra that highlights the shift from the season of winter to the light and lifted energy of Spring.

This practice is appropriate for all practitioners and no prior experience is necessary.

Your Instructor

Tracey Garcia

Tracey is a natural teacher who meets students where they are and supports them in both accepting modifications while continuing to challenge themselves. As an experienced teacher both in the classroom and the studio, she is uniquely poised to teach in such a way that all students can benefit from their yoga practice. She teachers beginners to advanced students to include children, adults, special needs and seniors. She strives to teach yoga in such a way that the practice is healthy and physically sustainable, allowing it to be a lifelong tool for growth, health and curiosity and expansion! With 20 years of teaching experience, she brings a great degree of knowledge to her classes.

As a lifelong learner herself, she is proud to have completed her Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Gina Caputo through the Colorado School of Yoga.

Tracey believes that your yoga practice can be your best tool remember your wholeness, connectivity and most true self, which allows you to be in more satisfying relationships and life your most authentic life!​

Tracey Garcia
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